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Thank you for visiting Volunteer Aviation. This website is designed to help you learn more about all of the aviation services that we offer and to encourage you to get to know us better. After all, it is our goal to develop relationships, not just clients.

Gift Certificates make the PERFECT gift for someone you know who has dreamed of flying!

A 30 minute or 1 hour discovery flight is the perfect gift for anyone who has ever dreamed of flying. A discovery flight is an introductory flight lesson that allows your friend or family member to sit in the pilot seat and take the controls for a training flight with an FAA-certified flight instructor. It is an affordable gift they will never forget!

Call  Gordon Brown  (931)-801-6092  for more information!

(931)-431-4804 Office

If you have a dream of learning to fly, Volunteer Aviation operates a premier flight school. With a dedicated fleet of training aircraft and a staff of qualified instructors, we train students from all walks of life.  If you need a guaranteed rating, Volunteer Aviation offers affordable accelerated flight training. We offer all levels of flight training including Private pilot, Commercial pilot, Instrument rating, Complex/Multi-engine rating, and CFI, CFII, MEI. For commercial helicopter pilots we also offer fixed wing transition training.

Located at Outlaw Field in Clarksville, TN we offer a wide variety of services including Flight Training (whether you are looking to be a professional pilot or you are looking to fly recreationally), Aerial Sightseeing/Tours, Aerial/Real Estate Photography, Land Survey, Power/ Pipe Line Patrol, Wedding or Engagement, Discovery Flights and more. Volunteer is a fast growing company looking to expand in the near future providing charter/air-taxi services for Nashville and Clarksville TN.



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